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Universal Data Decoder


The CIMS Universal Data Decoder (UDD) is a tool for decoding arbitrary data streams. It was initially developed as a support tool for testing activities and as an aid in the analysis of the data exchanged between Avionics Equipment.
It is now available as a stand-alone tool.



A commonly known problem for test- and development engineers is that technical data exchanged on subsystem nterfaces requires laborious manual decoding to determine its correctness.

The UDD consists of a core decoding engine with universal decoding functions. The description of a particular encoding scheme is loaded as a separate decoding module. This decoding module is derived directly from the definition of the data encoding scheme of a given protocol (e.g. from ISO8208 packet definitions) and represented in a structured text format. The use of loadable decoding modules removes the need to develop dedicated decoding software for each particular protocol and thus eases the introduction of a new protocol or protocol changes. As an example: the decoding module for X.25 was created in only 1 day.

Captured data may be read from files or originate directly from physical interfaces. Specific interface modules can be developed if required. An ARINC 429 interface is available for the direct capture and display of data.

A particular feature of the UDD is that it decodes not only data streams at interfaces but also memory dumps containing structured data, so facilitating software development and trouble-shooting.