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Performance Test Campaigns


CIMS Engineering & Systmes GmbH offers the development of dedicated testequipment.
A few examples are listed below

Within the scope of a contract with DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH we recently performed a comparative performance analysis of the sub-networks that are being developed in support of the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network ATN.

These are the Mode S Subnetwork, the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service AMSS and VDL Data Link Modes 2 and 4. Our responsibilities included concept definition, the specification and development of the required test- tools, the development of test scripts and the evaluation of test result data.

At the time that the test campaign was initiated the sub-networks had been functionally verified in great detail. However knowledge of their operational performance was insufficient and it was our task to create a test campaign that provided the missing information.

An essential element of the test campaign was the development of the Data Link Processing Analyser.

This tool facilitated the measurement of the parameters of each data link in a uniform manner, so providing truly comparable test results. The test result data obtained in a combination of laboratory and flight trials was analysed using our purpose-built software tools and summarised graphically. In this way we made a significant contribution to our customer's assessment report.

In the course of this contract we contributed our expertise in the performance testing of data links.

At the same time we obtained an in-depth knowledge of the properties of the data links themselves.