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Inter-Subsystem Communication


An example of our software development capabilities is the development of the Mil-1553 interface of a propulsion subsystem of a spacecraft.

The purpose of this Mil-Bus interface was to receive commands from a central Data Management Computer and to provide subsystem house-keeping data to it.

The actual Mil-1553 physical and protocol interface was implemented by a dedicated Mil-1553 controller hybrid together with the related driver software developed by us.

Key activities of our contract were (i) the identification of the required configuration parameters needed to set-up the hybrid, (ii) to test the hybrid's integrity during power up sequence and, (iii) during normal operation, the provision of functions to the subsystem software to poll for particular commands and to store housekeeping data at dedicated subaddress locations.

Also the Illegalization of commands had to be performed during operation.
The software was designed according to the subsystem specification and the related tight Interface Control Documents. The driver software was written in ANSII C to be executed on an 8051 compatible micro-controller of the subsystem. The software was tested extensively on module level by means of dedicated module test software in conjunction with a Mil-Bus tester. The testing was recorded in detailed Test Record Sheets.

After a stringent development schedule of only 3 months the software could successfully be integrated with the remainder of the subsystem software by our customer.

Our software development skills include ANSII C /C++, Visual Basic, Assembly Language(various microcontroller projects based on 8051, ATMEL AT90Sxxxx architectures have been performed).